2 = mastery, authority, clout, sway.
Ex. The library has proven to be an imperfect panacea, and the librarian has suffered a definite loss of mastery.
Ex. One of the great virtues of networking is that it democratizes access to information and access to authority.
Ex. IT executives would like to see their role in the organization elevated, giving them more 'clout', stature and visibility.
Ex. During this period Africa was influenced by external forces as the Islamic states of the north extended their sway south.
* acatar la autoridad = toe + the line.
* autoridad moral, la = moral high ground, the.
* con autoridad = authoritative, authoritatively.
* conceder cierta autoridad sobre = give + Nombre + a say in.
* dar autoridad a Algo = lend + authority to.
* delegar autoridad = delegate + authority.
* de personas con autoridad moral = authoritative.
* ejercer autoridad = exercise + power.
* ejercer autoridad de un modo excesivo = push + authority.
* imponer autoridad = lay down + the law.
* imponer + Posesivo + autoridad = pull + rank.
* pasar por alto la autoridad de Alguien = go over + Posesivo + head.
* pérdida de autoridad = disempowerment.
* tener la autoridad = have + mandate.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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